From small beginnings to distributing more than 50,000 meals each month.

KiwiHarvest Dunedin (formally FoodShare) was founded in March 2012 by Deborah Manning. Leaving behind her job as a lawyer Deborah recruited an experienced and ‘hands-on’ board and established the social venture with a vision to reduce food poverty in our community.

With resources slim on the ground she started out collecting and distributing the donated food from her own car, and in the first month of operations the equivalent of 1000 meals were distributed amongst Dunedin’s charities for their clients. Now FoodShare collects surplus food from a growing list of providers and regularly distributes more than 50,000 meals each month.

With the growing success of FoodShare a second venture, KiwiHarvest was established in Auckland and began operations in March 2015. Both businesses were amalgamated in August 2017 to form KiwiHarvest - New Zealand's national food rescue organisation.


“The way humanity manages or mismanages its food supply will in many ways define the 21st century—currently we know that we are not doing a great job with at least one third of all food produced lost or wasted. It is an ethical and economic challenge but also an environmental one: for example if food waste and loss was a country it would be the third largest emitter of greenhouse gases.” – Nick Nuttall, Global Director of Communications, United Nations Environment Programme

Every member of our family has an important role to play in helping those that need support in our community and protecting our environment. 

Deborah Manning

Prior to establishing FoodShare Deborah worked as a Lawyer. She is an invited lecturer at the University of Otago, a mentor for Ignite Consulting and chapter author in the publication ‘Sustainable Food for the Globe’.

David Kirk

David’s career spans the top level of both business and sport, achieving success in both the public and private sectors. This included a highly successful rugby career and captaining the All Blacks.

Pieter Brits
Board Member

Pieter Brits is an experienced commercial lawyer with degrees in Law and Commerce. His experience includes time as Chairman of Wicard Ltd & Director of Tracplus Global Ltd.

Michael Coughlin
Chef Consultant

Michael spent the past 30 years in the hospitality industry, 26 of those in his own restaurants & bakeries. He was named a Platinum Ambassador for Beef & Lamb New Zealand.

Suneil Connor
Board Member

Ex-KPMG, Suneil Connor is the CFO of LINK International Group, a NZ-owned multinational business brokerage. Suneil is also on the board of the Auckland Foundation, and holds the position of Chair of the Audit Committee for both Auckland Foundation and KiwiHarvest.

Allan Croad

Allan has been part of the FoodShare team from the early days. His role as one of our drivers means he visits our many different food donors including the Otago Farmers Market early on Saturdays.

Rae De Haan
Volunteer Coordinator & Administration

Rae's job as volunteer coordinator means she meets every volunteer to provide their orientation and keeps our rosters running smoothly.

Christine Greer

Christine helps with day-to-day running tasks here at our office. With her help we're able to ensure our administration processes are as effective as possible.

Dan Mulvey

Dan is one of our superstar drivers. He is kept busy collecting food donations around town from the likes of cafes and supermarkets, while also helping with sorting at our headquarters.

Nikki De Haan

Nikki is the FoodShare matchmaker. She receives the food donations and, together with her team of volunteers, records and matches it for our recipient agencies' needs.

Our Outcomes

FoodShare is proud of it’s wide reaching and tangible impact in our community. We focus on achieving the following outcomes:

  • Delivering high quality fresh food to charitable organisations we enable them to provide a broader range of food to people than they are usually able to.

  • Extra nutritious food provided by FoodShare enables charities to redirect their precious and limited funding into education, rehabilitation and other programs, which directly benefit their clients.

  • Because the rescued good food is eaten and doesn’t end up in a landfill FoodShare directly minimises food waste and helps save our priceless environment by preventing tonnes of carbon emissions from polluting the atmosphere.

  • All our food donors receive beneficial outcomes from FoodShare’s service with reductions in disposal costs associated with their excess food and the satisfaction of knowing they are making a valuable contribution to those in need in the local community.

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