FoodShare and KiwiHarvest to merge

By Deborah Manning | Posted: Monday July 17, 2017

On 1 August 2017, not for profit food rescue organisations FoodShare (Dunedin) and KiwiHarvest (Auckland) will merge to form one entity - KiwiHarvest.   

FoodShare was founded in 2012 by Deborah Manning and is based in Dunedin. KiwiHarvest, also founded by Deborah Manning, is based in Auckland. Both organisations collect and distribute perishable food from food donors and deliver it to social service agencies and community groups to be shared with people in need in the community.

The merger of both entities will make us stronger and allow us to expand operations to other areas throughout New Zealand. It will mean we can deliver a more efficient service and that translates to more food helping more people.

Our core values and targeted outcomes will remain the same and the breadth and quality of services you receive from us will not change. We are committed to providing a reputable, reliable and professional service to all our stakeholders.

Financially, we intend to maintain separate bank accounts for each KiwiHarvest branch so funds generated within, or designated for, a specific area will only be used for operations in that area.

There will be some changes to our contact details and social media platforms but we will keep you up-to-date with those changes so you can still get in touch with us directly with requests for assistance or offers to help.

This exciting development could not have been possible without the support and encouragement from Dunedin businesses and individuals. Your support meant we developed a robust, professional and admired food rescue organisation. From small beginnings to a national organisation - Dunedin you have done us all proud! Thank you.

Some FAQ are below. Please feel free to contact Deborah Manning if you have any questions that are not answered.

Questions about the merge of FoodShare and KiwiHarvest

Who are FoodShare and KiwiHarvest?

FoodShare and KiwiHarvest are food rescue organisations in Dunedin and Auckland. They collect surplus nutritious food from supermarkets, cafes, bakeries, manufacturers and growers and deliver it free of charge to social service agencies and community groups to be shared with people in need. Together, FoodShare and KiwiHarvest have distributed food to provide more than 3 million meals in Auckland and Dunedin. The redistribution of this surplus food has positive effects for our environment as it does not end up in the landfill to decompose and emit methane gas.

What is a merger?

A merger is a combining of two companies into one single company.

Why are you merging?

The decision to merge both companies was based on the benefit to the people in need in our communities, the organisations we supply with rescued food and the food businesses that donate their surplus product to us. As we have grown in the last 2 years we have been offered greater volumes of food for distribution. To get this food out into our communities where it is needed the most we need to share it. As one company with a national presence, we will strive to be the business of choice for organisations wanting to reduce food waste and reduce food insecurity.

Why did you choose to call the organisation KiwiHarvest and not FoodShare?

KiwiHarvest is part of a global food rescue family who share best practice and offer support to each other. Others are OzHarvest, UKHarvest, SAHarvest, AsiaHarvest.

How will it happen?

An application will be made to the Companies Office to register the amalgamation of FoodShare and KiwiHarvest. As both organisations are governed by the same board this will be a formality.

How will it affect me/my organisation?

Nothing will change for you or your organisation. You will continue to receive the same great service. The quantity of the food we supply will not decrease, in fact we hope it will increase.

What will change?

The branding on our vans will change to the KiwiHarvest brand.

Our phone number will change to 0800 601 609. This will take you to a routing point where you will choose which branch to speak to.

What will stay the same?

The personalised, professional and friendly service we offer to all our stakeholders.

Will my financial sponsorship or donation stay in my region?

Yes. All funds generated within, or designated for, a specific area will only be used for operations in that area. Your donations and financial support will always be used to support your local community.

When is it happening?

1 August 2017

What happens to the contracts/MoUs between FoodShare and me/my organisation?

The effect of an amalgamation is that all contracts, MoUs and agreements will be automatically transferred to KiwiHarvest. They will not need to be redone.